The Slow-Burning Revolution

kas_0001890American Dissident Voices broadcast of May 16, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)

WELCOME TO THE slow-burning revolution. It’s not just an American thing. The entire West has been allowing feral Third World populations free rein in our societies, and Paris and London are aflame just as much as Ferguson and Baltimore. In all of our nations, moneyed Jewish elites have decided that the indigenous founding population — that’s us, fellow White people — must go. And “go” we do, in the sense of giving up the cities we founded and fleeing ever-further from the blackened, burned-out cores — but that’s just the first step. Their real intention is that we “go” in the sense of leaving this Universe forever — “go” in the sense of death, extinction, and genocide. Some of us, however, have decided to stay and make the end game very different from what the Jewish power structure intends.


White people must go, and that means others get our living space and the cities we built. Cracking people on the head, burning them out, and making them fear for their lives are very effective means of stealing territory, and taking away a people’s territory is one facet of genocide. Feral Blacks might not need a lot of encouragement to rape, pillage, and burn — but the billionaires’ media and top-down pronouncements from System spokesmen radiate the message, again and again, that the rioters have “legitimate complaints” and make it clear that little or nothing will be done, thereby emboldening the looters and destroyers. We need to make our justice system more Black-friendly, say Fetchit and the New York Times. We need equality commissars in every aspect of our lives, says the Council on Foreign Relations. We need to give the rioters “space” so they can “destroy” without police interference, says the Black mayor of Baltimore. We need the regime in Washington to issue directives and control our “racist” local police forces, says Eric Holder.

Los Angeles, 1992
Los Angeles, 1992

And this isn’t a recent phenomenon — the slow-burning revolution has been happening for a most of my life: Detroit and St. Louis and Oakland and Camden have been ethnically cleansed of Whites, and many others aren’t far behind. New York City has gone from almost 100 per cent. White to much less than 50 per cent. White in just half a century, exactly paralleling the Jewish push for the integration of millions of non-Whites into our society.

White people must go, and that means teaching our children to hate themselves — and venerate those who are leading them to the slaughterhouse. In the public schools, our children are taught to look upon those who took our cities away from us and ethnically cleansed White Americans from huge swathes of our own country as icons of “civil rights.” They are spoken of in hushed, reverent tones, and consistently portrayed as saintlike figures who were 100 per cent. in the right — and those who opposed our genocide are universally portrayed as ignorant and contemptible, when they are not portrayed as absolute evil incarnate. Our young people — who probably only get a sentence or two about Yorktown or the great struggles of our pioneer ancestors — are taught that “Brown versus the Board of Education” was a “great victory.” Anyone who has been to public school knows the litany of hate against Whites that is shoved down the students’ throats: White racism, White privilege, White enslavement of Blacks, White rape of the environment, White genocide of Amerindians, Whitebread uptight homophobic racists — Whites are the fount of all that is wrong, all that is justly hated and condemned.

London, 2011
London, 2011

And, needless to say, our children are never told that they are being ethnically cleansed. The driving out of millions of Whites — some three to four million from New York City alone — is a non-event. If mentioned at all, it is called “White flight” and blamed on, you guessed it, “White racism.”

White people must go, and that means our fertility must be suppressed. If we don’t have enough children to replace ourselves, we’ll die off. And it’s much harder to drive families with lots of children out of the territory you covet. In film, television, the classroom, and the press, the theme is the same: Women are oppressed by men, especially White men. Women are told that prolonged education and careers in widget-making or widget-selling are admirable and markers of high status — and “mere” child-bearing and -rearing are the opposite.

Another means of suppressing fertility is to convince the target population that the best kind of sex is sex that doesn’t bring children into the world, and there are a million kinds of that being vended to us these days, in hopes that people, especially our young people, will get their first sexual imprinting from them and get hooked on them to the extent of lowering our already disastrously low birthrate even further. Everyone, we are told, has a “right” not only to be “bi,” “gay,” “trans,” or whatever new perversion that produces no children they can think up — but they also have a “right” to engage in and promote their perversion without the slightest hindrance or criticism whatsoever. And never forget the “sacred right” to kill your own healthy White children in the womb — a “right” worth dying for, they say — and dying is right.

My, what a lot of “rights” we have these days, but no right — on pain of prosecution under endless new statutes, or ostracism and loss of career and position, or outright false prosecution — no right to live among our own people, no right to have our own government looking out for our own interests, the most fundamental right of all: In short, no right to exist.

White people must go, and that means they must be demoralized. Seeing the police do nothing — seeing them give the rioters “space” to destroy is demoralizing. Seeing White women raped by non-Whites on an ever-increasing scale  — with it never becoming a public issue in government or media — is demoralizing. Seeing glamorous White women portrayed as desiring and accepting the sexual attentions of non-White males is demoralizing. Being “taught” in every possible venue that Whites are the source of nearly all historical “evil” is demoralizing.

Prior to World War 2, though the Jews had tremendous power in the West, they were apparently content to exploit us and manipulate our societies to their advantage. But the attempt by Germany and her allies to free Europe from Jewish financial and political power — and Germany’s near-victory over the then-Jewish-dominated Soviet Union — caused a change in Jewish attitudes toward the White race. The goal of the Jewish power structure since the end of that war has been to eradicate our race, using mass immigration as the major weapon, in addition to the means I have just described, and to change all of our societies in the meantime to multiracial, multicultural entities where Whites are totally stripped of power and progressively stripped of wealth, territory, and possessions. This is their slow-burning revolution.

And what is the response of the flag-waving conservatives as their sons and daughters are being mind-raped in the schools and actually raped on the streets? — as our borders are opened and our cities taken over? The conservatives hope they can convince our new rulers to change some of their policies by being extra-worshipful and subservient toward them. No one loves Israel and Jewish financiers more than conservatives. No one is more enthusiastic than they in sending their own flesh and blood to die for Israel in the sand. No one worships that Jewish carpenter more than they do, they wail. So, please, pretty please, they cry — please let our kids alone and don’t fill their minds quite so much with worship of homosexuality — please let’s slow down the brown invasion a little so we can “intergrate” with them in a more orderly fashion — please don’t use your power over us quite so harshly — but of course, of course, we’d never dream of taking that power away from you or even mentioning its existence to anyone! We’d rather die first! We, more than anyone, oppose “anti-Semitism” and will help you make it into a crime — so please, oh please let us die off slowly and imperceptibly instead of all at once. Please let us keep our traditions and enjoy what’s left of our wealth for a few more years…

Do you think that such an approach is likely to have even the slightest effect on the implacable will of a group that has conceived of — and is implementing — racial genocide on a global scale? Appealing to the sympathy of the Jewish power structure is like appealing to the integrity of Bernie Madoff or Yellow Kid Weil. There isn’t any. The weak approach of the conservatives can never work. The kind of mentality we are dealing with requires strength beyond strength — and absolute life commitment to our cause.

The Opponent’s mentality is occasionally revealed by them, as it was when Jewish Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg’s words streamed forth from the presses during World War 2: “The Germans are not human beings…. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, or if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German in the meantime. …If you kill one German, kill another — there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days, do not count kilometers. Count only the number of Germans killed by you. Kill the German — that is your grandmother’s request. Kill the German — that is your child’s prayer. Kill the German — that is your motherland’s loud request. Do not miss. Do not let through. Kill.” And after the war, even after Germany was utterly devastated, what did Ehrenburg and his fellow Jews, East and West, do? They killed millions of POWs and civilians — not just Germans, but Whites of all nationalities who had fought for Europe’s freedom during that war, killing even civilian refugees who were fleeing the advancing Communist armies. And they instituted the slow-burning revolution of White genocide all over the White world — and they did not even in the slightest degree spare their faithful servants, America and Britain: Whites in the UK and US are slated for death just as much as the Germans, French, and Italians are. If you think you can overcome such a blood-lust by asking them nicely to please stop, then why don’t you also ask Santa Claus (or Yahweh, it doesn’t matter) to make Christmas come 365 days a year and put four or five million Federal Reserve Notes in your stockings, because that’s about as likely to happen.

The National Alliance is gathering together the White men and women of this nation who are not fools, who are repulsed by smarmy lies and flag-waving futility, and who are not willing to go gently into the night of non-existence; men and women who know that the racial question is the most serious and consequential of all time: the question of existence or non-existence, the question not only of our own families’ future, but of the future evolution of Life in the Universe; men and women who cannot be bought off with money, nor frightened by death or imprisonment; men and women who will survive and triumph over the slow-burning revolution of our enemies because we have already experienced a new and greater revolution in our hearts and minds; men and women with the discipline and determination to make that revolution live for ten thousand years and more — men and women like you.

* * *

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