Victims and Values

Michael-Price-htv-jpgAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of April 11, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

(ILLUSTRATION: Michael Price, killed by a Black assailant, is just one victim among many of non-White crime.)

IN SEATTLE less than two weeks ago a young man was walking to his car in the company of two young women friends. It was 2AM and they were going home after a Saturday night out. All three were White. Within moments after getting out on the sidewalk, they were intercepted by a group of up to twelve Black males, who surrounded them and immediately began aggressively touching, fondling, and making sexual remarks to the women. “We ‘jus wanna hug you, baby,” one of the Blacks gibbered, as he and his companions grabbed and put their filthy hands all over the girls. The lone White man made a move to defend his friends, but he was no match for the Black gang, who beat him and knocked him unconscious. One of the women remembers the sound of his head hitting the ground: “It was a wet smack. Like it was a really — one of those sounds that you can kind of feel in your gut,” she said. The Blacks then stole his wallet — leaving him for dead for all they knew — and fled. The young women escaped rape and injury — this time. In just the last few days, Seattle police said there have been no fewer than eight similar assaults in the same neighborhood alone. More than 40 businesses in that same neighborhood have pleaded with the police for help because of the violence.

After the man was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Harborview Medical Center he described his injuries: “Bleeding on three sections of my brain, I think the back and each temporal lobe,” he said.

Most significantly, this young White man refuses to give his name. He knows, even if unconsciously, that, in the current climate in this country, a White man defending White women from sexual attack by Blacks could easily be construed as “racism.” You know the drill: “All they were doing was touching them, man! They just wanted to get a hug. Just a little fun. Don’ they like Black people?”  And that young man knows what happens to “racists” in our society. He knows how they are treated in the media and in the courts. And he’s seen the Black mobs on television, howling for the blood of White policemen when the media give the policeman’s home address. So the victim — who could easily have died — refuses to give his name.

I only know that the attackers were Black and the victims were White because of a local blog — part of the alternative media — that covered the story, and some of the comments on local media sites. The Seattle police’s own Web site — though supposedly they are “seeking leads” in the case — didn’t even mention the words “Black” or “African-American.” “Seeking leads” indeed. That omission should be regarded as a crime in itself.

One commenter on a story about this attack lets us hear about real life in Seattle, which is quite different from the sanitized media version:

Seattle Police are not considering the gang attack as a priority or a hate crime because the man is not homosexual. The Mayor is not planning an announcement on the case because, well, you know…. anyone going to Capitol Hill after dark is taking their lives in their own hands and can expect nothing from Seattle Police.

Many years ago, I had a night class at SCCC and one night (the second night of the class) I was attacked by a gang of about a dozen young Blacks. I was not seriously hurt…. They did not want blood, just some kind of fun racist attack amusement. I called the police and they said, what did you do to threaten the young Black gentlemen?

That comment made it very clear. I dropped the class. I have not gone back.

Neither should you. Until Seattle’s police can give everyone the level of protection they give to gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transsexuals and even teenage sexual predators (a real protected class in Seattle schools), do not go to Capitol Hill and do not patronize its businesses.

The major media themselves, typified by CBS station KIRO-TV, made no mention of the race of the attackers or the race of the victims. The president and CEO of CBS is Leslie Roy Moonves, a Jew. The head of CBS entertainment is Nina Tassler, also a Jew.

This assault is just one of many every day that I could cite. The violent crime wave of non-Whites against Whites — and the complicity of the media in keeping the real nature of this crime wave from being known — has been going on for more than a generation now. Typically the media make no mention of the race of an attacker or killer until they are forced to do so. And then, when a non-White is arrested or convicted of attacking a White man or woman and they can’t avoid showing his picture without looking bad, they make sure that the story stays local.

When 15-year-old White teenager Molly Conley was walking home one night in Everett, Washington, with her friends, she was gunned down and murdered in cold blood — for no apparent reason besides the fact she was a White girl — by a 28-year-old Black male, Erick Walker. Walker was just sentenced a few days ago. No national news coverage.

In New Orleans on the first of this month, a 36-year-old White father of three, Michael Price, was gunned down and killed as he was on his way to deliver a pizza. A Black named Michael Anthony Portis has been arrested for the killing. No national news coverage.

Just a few days ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a second mistrial was declared in the case of the murder of 21-year-old Missy Snodgrass, a White woman who consorted with Blacks and whose decomposed body was found in the basement of a vacant house. One of those Blacks, 42-year-old Michael Molina, was convicted of the murder and had even been sentenced — but a simple remark by the prosecutor about Molina’s silence on the matter got the case thrown out. In the second trial, someone from the increasingly-Black juror pool refused to convict. No national news coverage.

Just a few days ago, Cindy Williams, a White woman from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, complained to some Black teenage girls that they were making too much noise in a movie theatre. After the show let out, the Black females got some reinforcements, including Black males, and Williams was brutally attacked by the gang, who left her bruised in the street with a broken eye socket. No mention of race in the media reports, which were local only — though the public comments section revealed the truth: One commenter joked “I’m sure it was those darn Irish kids again.” Another said “The usual suspects, of course.” And some others: “The girls are black so you won’t be seeing any photos. You see, that would be helpful but the modern media sees it as racist to try and help catch blacks who assaulted someone.” …”CBS should give us descriptions. We could be of help locating these thugs.”… “Yes, but it is racist to identify the race of any non-white criminals.” The media blackout is less and less effective. Now you see why many controlled media outlets are turning off their comments sections.

Joshua Richey, a White man, was returning to the parking lot last month at an Atlanta-area Kroger grocery store, when he saw two Blacks breaking into his truck. When he called out for them to stop, the Blacks shot him dead. Demarius Thompson and Shontavious Chestnut have been arrested for the killing. Initial media reports, when the suspects were still at large, somehow failed to mention that they were Black. In  the coverage before the arrests, the comments sections provided the only clue that the killers weren’t White, and I’ll cite just one: “In a couple years, after about 100 more murders in the area, black people will have successfully done what they do in every location they inhabit. Run off all legitimate businesses and tax payers with their abhorrent crime rates. They will be complaining about a ‘food desert’ and that they have to drive 20 miles to the next white town over to fill up and get groceries. Then they will start migrating to follow the successful (white) people who they ran off to the next location and rinse and repeat. Africans truly are a loathsome bunch.” There has been so much violence at this one Kroger alone — in a racially-mixed Atlanta neighborhood — that locals now casually refer to it as “the Murder Kroger.” No national news coverage, of course.

When a Black or Mestizo gets tapped a bit too heavily with a nightstick by a White officer, the non-Whites, their numerous race-based organizations, and the controlled media go into overdrive. The case often becomes a nationwide sensation. We hear about it constantly, as we have with Michael Brown — and even years later, as we have with Rodney King. But, outside of local stories, and limited ones at that, only the alternative media and our own fledgling pro-White media are going to tell you the truth.

But bringing you the truth about non-White murder and violence is only one part of why we’re here. Helping create the White community spirit and racial consciousness that will build a movement to put an end to these outrages is also only part of our job. Perhaps the greatest, most important, and most challenging job that the National Alliance faces is a reordering of the values held by our people. It is changing our values that will ultimately save the lives of future generations of Whites — in fact, it is the only thing that will save them.

The philosopher Kierkegaard tells the story of how one night, a group of thieves broke into a jewelry store. But instead of stealing anything, they had an unusual plan that they hoped would get them the swag they wanted and at the same time keep them out of prison. They simply switched all the price tags in the store. Then they left.

The next day all the customers and employees were mixed up — though they didn’t know it — as to what was valuable and what was cheap. The real and once-expensive gems had suddenly become cheap, and the cheap costume jewelry, which had sold for only a pittance before, was suddenly marked with price tags in the thousands of dollars. Customers who thought they were purchasing valuable gems were getting cheap imitations. And the thieves never had to wield a gun or force anyone to do anything. They got hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of diamonds for just a few cents on the dollar.

The store’s employees believed in the price tags that the thieves had switched. Their values were inverted. So they lost what they were charged with protecting; they lost everything of value in the store.

So also we White Americans have lost track of what is really valuable and what is essentially worthless. We have accepted the inverted values that have been pushed by the Jewish supremacists. Two of the most valuable things in the world — racial survival and progress — have been labeled as things of no value or negative value. And multiracialism and racial mixing — which lead to misery and death for all those who engage in them — have been labeled as the ultimate good.

Keeping our country’s industrial infrastructure — and doing our own work and keeping the jobs for our own people — and keeping the wealth our people have created at home — are being treated as things of little or no value. These truly valuable things have been traded for cheap Asian-made trinkets and junk, Dollar Store gewgaws and TVs and SUVs that will all be buried in a landfill in a few years; and for the windfall profits of a sellout few.

We’re giving away our wealth with the excuse that we need to “protect Israel” — we’re giving away control of our own economy because the Jewish-controlled media tell us that the Jews who run the Fed are “the best ones for the job” — we’re giving away our very land to those same Wall Street vultures and to the Asians who manufacture our consumer products and buy our debt — we’re literally giving away the lives of our sons and daughters to protect Israel in the Middle East. For what? Do you think that these “Gringo Go Home” Mestizos are going to thank you for this country and the billions of dollars they have extorted from us? Do you think that the future Black panjandrums — the Idi Amins-to-come of North America — are going to build statues to you and spare your daughters because you were Politically Correct and sold out your own people? Do you think the Jewish supremacists will phone Yahweh and have him pat you on the head extra nice when you go to Heaven because you committed racial suicide? If you do believe any of these things, you’re crazy.

As Sam Dickson has said, those who betray their own people are never memorialized by anyone. They are universally contemptible. The verdict of Nature and of those with sound instincts is against them. Even if they prevail, they will not survive; their people will not survive; even their memory will not survive. Nothing will be left of them but dry dust underneath the feet of those people who still live.

The first step in reordering our values will take place when we determine that we shall live as a people, as a race, no matter what. No value, whether secular, religious, economic, ethical, or physical can ever be higher than that of our survival. Remember that and live. Forget it and die. It really is as simple as that.

* * *

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