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_81506524_81506523American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 25, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS YEAR, the gravediggers of our race plan to bring as many as 300,000 mostly non-White “asylum seekers” to Germany, the highest number ever — the equivalent of the entire population of St. Paul, Minnesota — and that 300,000 is just the number of official applications; it doesn’t even count the non-Whites who manage to sneak illegally into the country, nor their prodigious natural increase. (ILLUSTRATION: A participant at a recent patriotic demonstration in Germany)

Multi-cultis are the “controversial” ones now

When the small city of Tröglitz in eastern Germany was targeted as the destination of some of these invaders earlier this year, its citizens decided to fight back. Marches on an impressive scale — organized by the racial-nationalist National Democratic Party, or NPD — demanding that the city halt its plans to house the so-called migrants, were mounted. When Markus Nierth, the city’s mayor, said that Germans should “welcome” the invaders and that the city would refurbish an apartment complex to give them free housing, a new march through the city was announced. Its destination point: the mayor’s residence.

Nierth: Stepped down in fear after "welcoming" migrants
Nierth: Stepped down in fear after “welcoming” migrants

Nierth knew that most of the residents of his town opposed housing the “migrants” — and he also knew that, despite the fact that the controlled media and the occupation government of Germany calls them “neo-Nazis,” the NPD holds seats in regional parliaments and is supported by a large part of the citizens there. In the current atmosphere prevailing in eastern Germany, it was Nierth’s multicultural pronouncements that were considered controversial — not the NPD’s protests. Citing fear as his reason, Nierth resigned.

Tröglitz: Guess the "migrants" won't be living here after all.
Tröglitz: Guess the “migrants” won’t be living here after all.

But the multiculuralists’ plans to pollute Tröglitz continued. They continued, that is, until a person or persons unknown decided to set fire to the roof of the newly-fitted but empty building where the invaders were scheduled to be housed at German taxpayer expense, making it uninhabitable. The German caretakers of the building were warned beforehand so they would not be harmed — as admitted by Nierth himself.

Leading the resistance

Those who are trying to genocide the German people — and the White race as a whole — out of existence may seem to hold all the cards right now. They control the media; they determine national policy; they can imprison or ruin the careers of those who resist. But their position is much like that of Romania’s Communist dictator Nicolae CeauÅŸescu in late 1989, shortly before his overthrow and death: Despite his control of all the levers of power — the secret police, the military, the press, and the politicians — the people no longer believed in him or his lies, and his position was far more precarious than he ever imagined. So it is in Germany. Despite the fact that most of those 300,000 invaders will doubtless still be settled there, the German resistance is rising faster than the System can arrest and imprison its leaders. The resistance has won the hearts and minds of millions of people — and the results should inspire us all.

National Socialist poster
National Socialist pro-family poster

Within the lifetimes of some of my older listeners, the nation of Germany was the living embodiment of racial integrity, economic freedom, cultural self-determination, and eugenic progress. But deluded Americans, drunk on Jewish propaganda and not knowing that there had been a coup in Washington in 1933, were marched off to die and to kill in Europe — and, along with the equally deluded Russians, enslaved by the Soviet system — defeated the New Germany, which should have been the natural ally of scientifically advanced, eugenics-sponsoring, racially conscious White America.

But out of the ruins of that terrible defeat — and despite the occupation regime that has ruled there for 70 years — the spirit of German resistance to national and racial suicide never died. Today that spirit of resistance is growing stronger. And leading that spirit of resistance we find the NPD — the National Democratic Party of Germany.

When the NPD held a convention of racial-nationalists in Germany in 1998, Dr. William Pierce was there as a representative of our National Alliance. Udo Voight, the long-time leader of the NPD and now a member of the European Parliament for the party, gave an interview to National Vanguard in 1996 in which he made it clear that the NPD is far from just another glad-handing political party — and far indeed from the milquetoast “nationalists” who fear to express their own fundamental principles and so end up losing their own souls and even their reason for existence:

“I would describe the NPD as the only party in Germany which has a Weltanschauung [a world view]. The NPD acknowledges the laws of Nature, of which man is a part. This is the main point that separates NPD philosophy from the destructive philosophies of liberalism and Communism. The NPD also acknowledges the natural law of the inequality of human beings. Our beliefs are in clear opposition to the position taken by the established parties. We see man as a product of his genetic inheritance: a product which is only partly influenced by his upbringing and other social factors.”

Indeed. There was even a years-long period during which the NPD ditched all conservatism in its outreach program, and then concentrated heavily on education of its members, especially its younger members, in the fundamental principles of race and nationalism.

Beyond philosophy: real community

Painting in Jamel
Painting in Jamel

And it isn’t just in the philosophical realm that the NPD is different from other political parties. For many years they have been quietly and successfully doing what the courageous White American Craig Cobb tried to do recently in North Dakota, and which Dr. Pierce was beginning to do in West Virginia: build White racial-nationalist communities — communities where our values prevail and where a new generation of White children can be raised in a healthy environment.

Stefan Köster, head of NPD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and David Petereit, editor of MUPInfo, in front of Thinghaus in Grevesmühlen. The motto reads "Better dead than a slave."
Stefan Köster, head of NPD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and David Petereit, editor of MUPInfo, in front of Thinghaus in Grevesmühlen. The motto reads “Better dead than a slave.”

The controlled media and System politicians have only recently discovered this community-building on the part of the NPD, and they are wailing and spitting about it as is their wont whenever they discover that some of the goyim are onto them. Ilya Petrenko, a correspondent for Russia Today (RT) — a network which often exposes the crimes of Western governments but lately has been playing the “nazi” and “neo-nazi” cards most shamelessly in an attempt to position itself as “moral” and “anti-fascist” — hosted a program yesterday in which he “exposed” the village of Jamel in eastern Germany as a stronghold of “hate.” Viewed in the right way, the show was quite inspiring.

Signpost in Jamel
Signpost in Jamel

In Jamel, the vast majority of the residents are racial-nationalists and supporters of the NPD. In Jamel, there is a large version of the classic painting of the German family with father, mother, and three children — the same one used by the German National Socialists in the 1930s, and reproduced on the cover of National Vanguard magazine in the 1990s — publicly displayed on the side of a building alongside the words: “The community of Jamel — Free, Social, National.” In Jamel, a carved wooden Life Rune is prominently displayed. In Jamel, a signpost was erected near the roadway, showing the direction and distance to Breslau and Konigsberg (territories stripped from Germany by the victors in World War 2) — and also to Braunau am Inn, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, the German National Socialist leader. The nearby community building of the NPD boasts a large red life rune, under which are the words “better dead than a slave.” One of the community’s leaders — who is now being persecuted for his political beliefs — is Sven Kruger, a local councilor and busnessman and NPD member. The often-seen logo for his demolition firm shows a man with a sledgehammer smashing a Star of David.

Life rune displayed in Jamel
Life rune displayed in Jamel

And this community-building isn’t limited to Jamel or Tröglitz. This is happening all over rural Germany, especially in the east, where corrupt “Western” influence is the smallest. The London Times wails about it in typical fashion:

‘Neo-Nazis’ secret plot to take over east German villages: Neo-Nazis calling themselves “nationalist settlers” are taking over small villages and towns and working as organic farmers, midwives and craftsmen in their latest bid to spread influence in eastern Germany.

‘Groups of fascist sympathisers are moving into towns they believe are susceptible to their influence in areas such as Lower Saxony in an attempt to spread extremist ideology to residents and create geographical strongholds.’

The neocon journal The Economist tells us that “Tröglitz is everywhere.” The Jewish Chronicle finds no fault with Jewish “settlers” in other people’s territory — but finds much to worry about when Germans begin to awaken again and defend their own ancestral lands. Their headline reads “Invasion of the Eco-Nazis” and reads in part:

‘German Nationalists are settling villages and towns in Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in order to spread their hateful ideology among local communities.

‘With the recent rise of Pegida, an openly xenophobic movement, and the extreme-right Alternative for Germany party, the phenomenon of supremacists settling in former East Germany is attracting renewed attention from the media, politicians and watchdog groups.

‘A report published last year by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a human rights organisation funded by the German Interior Ministry, said that ideologues with fascist sympathies have unassumingly moved into sparsely populated towns and hamlets in a long-term attempt to create nationalistic strongholds. By taking up jobs as farmers, social workers or teachers, they hope to win new converts to their cause.

“They subvert village structures and spread Nazi propaganda over the garden fence,” explained Anne Schmidt, the author of the study.

‘The press was quick to dub them “Ökonazis” (“eco-Nazis”). But despite the attention they are attracting, the phenomenon is far from new.

‘”This has been going on since the 1920s. It was part of völkisch ideology, that was racist and antisemitic as well,” explained Robert Lüdecke, press representative for the foundation.

‘This ideology was based on the principle of blut und boden – the primal, unbroken connection between German soil and German blood. According to Mr Lüdecke, these ideas had a renaissance in the early 1990s.

Kruger company logo with sledgehammer crushing Star of David
Kruger company logo with sledgehammer crushing Star of David

‘Nowadays, neo-Nazis and other far-right families have bought up land in relatively obscure places like Lübtheen, Güstrow (an area associated with the far-right NPD) and Benz-Briest. “They are buying houses in these areas because they are cheap and they are inviting other comrades from all over Germany to settle there. And they say, let’s become neighbours, you can also work for the NPD, and we’ll raise some sheep and pigs and chickens.”

‘In Lower Saxony, nationalist settlers have gained a foothold in an area known for environmentalism. “This is a way that neo-Nazis try to get in. It’s like a door-opener for them. It’s a lifestyle that’s mainstream and modern for everyone. They work for the fitness of the clean German body. They also do weapons and resistance training in forests.”

‘Mr Lüdecke said that antisemitic conspiracy theories hide behind their criticisms of capitalism, urban life or even genetically modified food.

‘By cultivating good relations with their neighbours – villagers have been known to receive gifts of eggs and goat’s milk from the neo-Nazis next door – national settlers are often able to stay under the radar. “These are long-term projects. They’re preparing slowly without being recognised. They don’t want the revolution tomorrow. It would be OK for them if it came in 200-300 years,” Mr Lübecke explained.’

Britain’s misnamed Independent newspaper slavishly echoes the Jewish line:

‘A study entitled “Nationalist Settlers in Rural Areas” by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a human rights watchdog funded by the German interior ministry, says that neo-Nazis are taking up positions as diverse as councillors, volunteer firemen and teachers.

‘Anne Schmidt, the author of the study, told The Times: “This is a very scary movement to observe.

‘“These extremely nationalist right-wing people are settling specifically in little-populated areas, far away from cities to live and raise their children in a backward ideology.

‘“They subvert village structures and spread Nazi propaganda over the garden fence.”

‘The report states that this process has been going on “for years.”‘

Imagine that! The evil of it all — sharing eggs and non-GMO seeds and food with your neighbors. And telling them who is behind the destruction of their communities and their lives.

By all means, read the PDF of the “report,” even if you don’t read German. The pictures will encourage you.

We hope you, too, will take heart from the progress — and intelligence and foresight — of our German comrades. And we also hope that you will join us, the men and women of the National Alliance, in building White community right here at home.

* * *

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