The Sharpest Blade

to_kill_a_wolfAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of March 28, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WE WHITE people are like wolves in many ways. Wolves are intelligent animals. Some of us think of ourselves as “lone wolves.” The rest of us well know, however, that the wolf generally prospers to the degree that he and the other wolves are loyal to the pack. The wolf is a social animal, and through social cooperation and leadership, he prospers in very hostile environments that would kill almost any other creature.

It’s hard to kill a wolf. And, to those who want to kill the White race — the most creative and inventive race the world has ever seen, with an advanced civilization and well nigh impregnable defenses — we must have once seemed quite hard to kill indeed. But the Eskimos found a way to kill the wolf — and the Jews have found a way to kill us.

About a decade ago I told you the story of how some Eskimo tribes take the life of the dreaded wolf with little or no risk to themselves. That story is even more relevant today.

The wolf — who is out to take a life himself, if he can — is very dangerous, but the Eskimos have learned to set a very effective trap for him.

First, they take that product of the White man, a steel knife, and hone it so sharp that it will slice through skin like butter — with an absolute minimum of pain or sensation of any kind. Then they dip the knife blade in the blood of a seal they have killed. (Seals are easy and safe to capture and kill, unlike wolves.) After dipping the blade in blood, making sure that it is thickly and completely coated, they set it outside in the cold — so the once-warm blood quickly freezes on the knife, forming a thick layer.

Then they quickly submerge the blade once again in a bucket of seal blood — and again, they take it out and let another bloody layer freeze solid. They do this again and again, layer after layer, until even the shape of the blade is barely distinguishable. When they are done, the knife’s blade is hidden inside what looks like a popsicle.

Handling it carefully so as not to melt the blood too much, they take the knife to a path where wolves are known to travel. They bury the handle of the knife in the snow leaving the “blood popsicle” pointing up. They spread a little liquid blood nearby so the scent will be in the air. Then they leave. They do all this in the light of day. When night falls, the wolves will be on the prowl, looking for food. It’s very likely that one of them, at least, will find the trap.

Eventually a wolf, guided by his sense of smell and driven by his need to survive, arrives, ravenous. He begins licking the blood, doubtless filled by an emotion akin to joy at his luck in happening on such an easy meal. Over and over again he licks the knife; and soon his tongue is so cold he can hardly feel it any longer. Not only is his tongue numb, but remember that the blade is honed so sharp that the sting it makes is hardly discernible, like the cut of the very sharpest surgeon’s scalpel. And cut it does, as he eats through the slowly-melting layers and finally arrives at the blade. His numbed tongue is sliced to ribbons, but he hardly notices it at first.

His taste for the blood has grown, and as his own warmer blood begins to mix with the blood of the seal, the wolf is filled with delight and satisfaction as the flow of blood now greatly increases — and he continues to lick more and more. By the time he notices something is wrong, it is too late.

The wolf is getting weaker, not stronger. But his understanding of what is wrong is very limited. Since he knows blood as food, he licks more than ever before. His last thoughts are of how he must lick more, lick faster, to regain his strength. And the last thing he sees is the fully exposed blade standing erect in the red-stained snow. And next to that blade is where his body is found at sunrise.

What an intelligent approach those Eskimos have. They don’t take much risk. They don’t frighten the wolves. They don’t grab spears and surround them and scream as they try to chase them down, like some primitive tribesmen might do. No. Their approach is much more effective. They give the wolves exactly what they want. They wait patiently. And the wolf ends up dead.

The Jewish supremacists have followed a similar approach with us Whites. They didn’t show up in our societies and start slitting throats. Nor did they show up in our societies and immediately begin declaring that our nations had to become multiracial immediately, and that we had to open our borders to the Third World.

They didn’t like the fact that we considered them different, even though they knew they were different from us. (In fact, their whole culture and religion are practically one big long celebration of how unique they are, and how different they are from the rest of what they see as “lower” humanity.)

But they hated the fact that we knew they were different. They saw that as a danger to them, because many nations and peoples in the past had eventually tired of their behavior and their depredations and had expelled or placed restrictions on them. This they called “persecution.” If Jews were correctly perceived by their hosts as a different race or people or nation — the Jews thought — then, when hard times hit, “persecution” might start.

The Jewish supremacists pondered long and hard on what to do about this. As I said, they didn’t go from house to house murdering us — though they don’t shrink from killing when they see an advantage in it, as in Palestine and Iraq. Outright slaughtering us would cause us fight back, and we’re pretty good fighters. And a tapeworm that killed its host immediately wouldn’t last long itself.

Also, they didn’t try to change our society overnight with threats and demands. That would be acting like the not-so-smart Aborigines who shake their sticks at the wolves and try to chase them down. No, the Jewish supremacists decided on a far more intelligent approach to the White Problem, not unlike the approach the Eskimos use with wolves. They became experts at giving us what we want and what we like.

We like sex, so they became sexologists who told us that our old sexual mores were no good and we needed to loosen up and listen to the experts — them, of course. And they became the publishers and promoters of sex literature and pornography. And their “experts” and their literature spoke with one voice: “If it feels good, do it.” Sex with members of other races was fine if it made you feel good. Sex with members of the same sex was fine, too. So was childlessness carried to the point of a negative White birth rate. So was terminating healthy White children in the womb. That last, in fact, was much more than “fine” — it became something of an “inviolable right,” according to experts anyway.

What wasn’t fine was being “uptight” and opposing the new “consensus” generated by the Jewish “experts” and media men. And so, a situation was created — not exclusively by Jewish supremacists, though they took the leading role in it — in which sex ceased being a sacred thing of high value, linked to one of the highest values: love between a man and a woman. Instead, it became a common thing, a thing of little value. It was everywhere — but what had it become? Its natural purpose for us — the birth of more White children into loving families — was more and more thwarted. And the sex instinct was channeled into ever more bizarre and perverted channels: empty adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, masochism, sadism, and more. How many millions of our people were never born because of these changes? White birth rates everywhere are below replacement levels. The loss of those millions of souls is little different, in the end, from the deaths of millions of our people. The Jewish supremacists pretended to give us what we wanted — plenty of sex — but there was a sharp blade beneath the deceptive lure. And it’s killing us.

White people generally are soft-hearted and kind. We like to be fair. We hate to be cruel. We admire compassion. We sympathize with others, even others who are not of our people. These selfless tendencies have been used against us.

The Jewish supremacists didn’t, in the beginning, issue manifestos declaring White Americans to be nasty “racists” and demanding that we alter our whole societal structure to accommodate non-Whites. They didn’t start out by insisting that we invite millions of non-Whites into our nations as “equals.”

No. They worked to soften us up first. And they did that by giving us more of what we wanted. We wanted to be told stories. We wanted to be entertained. They worked hard and stuck together and gained control of the major publishing houses and newspapers in this country. They came to dominate Hollywood and radio and television. They gave us stories. They hired the best writers and photographers and directors and the most attractive White actresses and actors. They entertained us better than we’d ever been entertained before.

And as the Jewish supremacists entertained us, they slowly and subtly inserted their poisonous messages. One way they did that was by flattering us. We like to be flattered too. We were “praised” for our fanatic-induced foolishness of releasing Black slaves into our society after the Civil War. We were “praised” for a largely fictitious belief in “equality” that the supremacists claimed was the real basis of the American nation. They took a statue of the goddess Liberty in New York harbor, and twisted its meaning into a symbol of open borders. Then they “praised” us for opening our borders. They laid it on thick, just like the Eskimos laid on the blood. They showed us drama after drama, documentary after documentary, illustrating how “open” and “tolerant” and “non-racist” the “good people” of America were, and how evil were those who thought that White people deserved to keep their homeland. They were relentless. And we lapped it up. As we did so, we came to accept the false values they claimed were ours — which they had the audacity to claim were our defining values.

But there was a catch. We had “good values,” they said, but we were often hypocritical. We didn’t fully believe in equality, because we had immigration laws that kept out non-Whites. White people married other White people, almost exclusively. It was even illegal in most states of the Union to marry otherwise. That was sure proof of wickedness. Our borders were secured by laws which had a racial basis. We deported alien invaders. Racial integrity was protected by law. If we were to be really true to “good” and “moral” ideals, they suggested, changes would have to be made in those things.

And so we got the “civil rights” acts and court decisions and sellout politicians which enslave White taxpayers to support the burgeoning non-White underclass, and which favor non-Whites in jobs and education at the expense of White families and White children.

And now we’re reaping the whirlwind of our stupid capitulation to the Jewish supremacist / multiracialist agenda a few decades ago. The “multiracial harmony” we were supposed to be experiencing has been blasted into the aether by Black and Mestizo crime and violence; by organized non-White groups that almost always get what they want — and they want our land, our money, our women, and our necks; and by organized Jews who have leveraged the chaos they created — and our pathetic disarray — into near-absolute power over our nation’s policies, our military, and our finances.

We’re like the wolves licking the blood popsicle of death. Would you like a half gallon of your own warm blood with that Miley Cyrus? Would you like an order of your own shredded tongue with that To Kill a Mockingbird? Would you like slow death by cutting yourself to ribbons with that Fox News? I didn’t think so. It’s time to join the other responsible men and women who have eyes to see and ears to hear what is really going on in our world. It’s time to stop being narcotized from what’s actually happening to us — whether through alcohol or drugs or the worst drug of all, the mass media. And it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to join the National Alliance.

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