The Death Funnel


American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 29, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE STATIC crackled on the police radio last Monday night, as Ferguson, Missouri and surrounding areas burned, ravaged by Black rioters and looters. Just barely making it through the noise and the chaos, an officer’s voice could be heard: “We’re in a death funnel…” (ILLUSTRATION: An ironically inappropriate sign lies among the remains of a business after the latest Black riots in Ferguson, Missouri)

For hours the police had been told to stand down and do nothing. They did little more than watch as Black rioters broke windows, looted and destroyed innumerable businesses, and burned automobiles and buildings all through the city and beyond.

The Blacks were enraged that a grand jury had decided — after considering for months and poring over a thousand pages of evidence — that there were no grounds to indict White police officer Darren Wilson after he killed a Black thug, Michael Brown, who had attacked him and attempted to kill him with his own gun. (Almost as soon as the announcement not to indict Wilson was made, Michael Brown’s stepfather, “peaceful protester” number one, screamed to the savage crowd “Burn the bitch down! Burn the bitch down!” And they did.)

Although support from the National Guard had been promised, they weren’t even in the city yet. Stationed in a nearby town, miles from the riots, they weren’t even watching, unless they were watching on television or the Internet. They had been held back by the governor after he conferred with federal officials.

The police never fired a shot, despite unbelievable provocation. They established their positions and sat tight — while building after building was purposely torched by the Blacks, the flames reaching high into the sky, almost from horizon to horizon — while hundreds of so-called “protesters” protested by breaking every piece of plate glass they could see and, whooping and hollering like lower primates, helping themselves to whatever cash and goods they could carry — while White men and women were abused and attacked simply because they were White — while police vehicles were overturned and set on fire in full view of officers.

Still the police did nothing except maintain their positions — and watch. This went on for some two hours of insane, rage-filled violence and destruction — until little was left of some blocks but chaos, rubble, and flaming ruins. Finally, some very brave firemen came into the riot zone to try and stop the rampant blazes from spreading even further. But, brave as they are, they could not stay to complete their mission: They were fired upon, again and again, by Black rioters. And when the firefighters were forced to leave, the rain of bullets did not stop. The Blacks had begun firing at at least one of the police positions.

That was when the message came through on the two-way radio: “We’re in a death funnel here…” Then and only then were the officers allowed to use smoke bombs and tear gas — no bullets whatsoever — to clear one small area near their location.

After about four hours, most of the rioters and looters had fled, though a few, who were probably those most fervently dedicated to “civil rights,” remained behind and continued to break windshields, loot, and set even more fires. It was only then that the police advanced, very slowly and in tight formation around their armored vehicles, encountering essentially no one as they cleared streets that were already almost clear.

It’s obvious that the National Guard were held back on orders — or strong pressure — from the regime in Washington. It’s obvious that the police were ordered to do nothing to impede or annoy the rioters. They made only 29 arrests in this entire Hell night, and never fired their weapons once. It was so obvious that the police were totally impotent that the animals laughed and cursed and mocked them as they literally kicked and stoned squad cars that passed next to them as they rioted. The troopers, stone-faced, sat inside and said and did absolutely nothing.

The grand jury’s verdict was withheld for hours and finally released about eight o’clock at night. Some have said that this was to encourage violence, but I doubt that. The reality is that authorities knew there would be violence whenever the announcement was made; just as the hundreds of business owners knew it too — and had boarded up and closed their businesses, some of them half a week before — just as the  officials at some 81 area schools knew the Blacks would riot and had cancelled classes days in advance. Yes, they knew the Blacks would riot. And they knew that it was “politically impossible” to do anything significant about it. They knew they would not dare, in an America dominated by Jewish media and with an Attorney General like Eric Holder, to fire a single bullet at a single savage. So they chose a time when most businesses would be closed and empty of employees to make their announcement.

But there were a few employees still on duty. One that you can see in one of the videos I’ll embed in the text version of this broadcast was a young White woman who, alone and unarmed, stands up to a gang of Black thugs determined to trash the pizza restaurant where she worked. And when she refused to give up — the  Blacks backed down and found another victim. An example of amazing bravery, one which puts the city police force to absolute shame.

The New York Times in the person of a certain Mr. Rosenthal editorialized on “the meaning of the Ferguson riots” for us — and he tells us that the shooting of Michael Brown “was the last straw in a long train of abuses” against Blacks in the St. Louis area who have “suffered daily” because the police there “systematically target poor and minority citizens for street and traffic stops.” Is that really the best you can come up with, Mr. Rosenthal? Traffic stops? I guess so.

He piously intones that “young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk — 21 times greater — of being shot dead by police than young white men.” He then adds, totally without evidence, that “These statistics reflect the fact that many police officers see black men as expendable figures on the urban landscape, not quite human beings.”

Mr. Rosenthal’s “21 times” figure ignores racial realities. He wants his readers to think that this is proof positive that White policemen are racist haters, killing Blacks almost for sport. He doesn’t tell his readers that even though Black males under 18 are only 1.8% of the US population, they commit over 34% of the forcible rapes — over 54% of the murder and non-negligent manslaughter — over 71% of the robberies — and over 47% of the aggravated assaults.

Mr. Rosenthal’s solution is for us to follow Barack Obama’s declaration made on the eve of the riots: More tolerance for Black behavior, more “understanding,” more “fairness” (as perceived by the rioters). But that solution is no solution at all. It’s just more of what we’ve been forced to do for the last fifty years. It, in fact, is the reason why we are where we are today.

What about the future? — the future we’ll be living soon — and the future our children will experience their entire lives? What happens when Mr. Rosenthal’s solutions and Barack Obama’s solutions come to pass? — when we achieve “greater fairess,” when we have more Black policemen, more Black police chiefs, more Black prosecutors, and more “tolerance” and “understanding” for Black thugs? When we morally and legally disarm White Americans by shutting them out of decision-making power in our cities and courtrooms? When we arrange it so that “civil rights” bureaucrats from Washington ensure that any White man — police officer or not — cannot ever use lethal force to defend himself against thugs or rioters, or face decades in a hellhole prison? When we literally disarm White Americans with “gun control” laws and prevent them from defending their businesses, homes, and families? When we take a “hands off” approach to Black criminality?

Do you think that doing those things will convert Ferguson and East Saint Louis and Oakland into Mayberry, RFD? Do you think those things will impede the feelings of rage and entitlement felt by these 70-IQ savages in the presence of a culture and a technological civilization they can never understand? No, decades of coddling them and supporting them and financing the breeding of the worst of them and educating them and mixing with them have done nothing — absolutely nothing — to slake their taste for destruction and violence. It’s worse than ever now. Did the “hands off” and “handout” strategy work in Ferguson this week?

Do you think the pious speeches about “unity” and “coming together” and “healing” do any good? We had just as many speeches about “healing” after the Black riots in the 60s — and then again after the Rodney King riots. Did they do any good then? Can you feel the love? I don’t think so. It’s not working. It can never work. It goes against Nature.

Continuing on that path, the “liberal” path, the Jewish path, will merely increase their numbers and their boldness in the face of our abject weakness. It will place our children in a death funnel every bit as deadly as the one the Ferguson Police found themselves in earlier this week — a death funnel from which they may not be able to escape.

What about the “law and order” approach? I’ve heard a lot of people tell me we need to “get tough” on rioters and looters. We need to give law enforcement more latitude and more power to deal with this problem, these people say. “Get out the water cannons and police dogs,” they say. Militarize the police even more than they have been already. Get more troop-carrier-type armored vehicles, machine guns, and drones — and use them! I admit that in the short term this would cut down on Black violence (and Mestizo violence too). In the short term it might be necessary. But at what cost? It wouldn’t cut down the Black and other Third World birthrate. We’d have to permanently station a half track with a dozen full-auto-armed stormtroopers  every couple of blocks to really bring things under control. And the area under such quasi-military occupation would grow every year. We’d have to give these troops shoot to kill orders. And we’d have to suspend the Constitution to give these police on steroids free reign to do what needs to be done with impunity. After seeing the rioters gleefully kicking and stoning passing police cars — turning them over — and setting them ablaze — just this week, I am convinced that only such an extreme approach could possibly work. But is this really how we want to live? Wouldn’t such an omnipresent, empowered police force be a danger to our freedom? Might it not be used against us by the powers that be? Wouldn’t we be giving up our traditional liberties and way of life just to avoid being assaulted or burned out by Blacks?

Do we really want to go down the road of more prisons — more police — and disappearing freedom and privacy in an increasingly Third World America? A Brazil-like police-state America might let us survive for a few decades longer than the Liberal approach, but it too is a death funnel. It too leads inexorably to our death — and long before our literal demographic death, it leads to the death of everything we hold dear.

Either path presented to us by the Liberals or the Conservatives leads ultimately to our death. The System as is it now constituted cannot protect you. No matter whether you elect the most multiracialist toadying Democrats or the “toughest” Fox News Republicans, the System cannot protect you.

The only answer is the one answer that the Jewish oligarchs will not let us consider: Racial separation. Let the Blacks be totally free of White policemen and White people’s laws. Let them be themselves. Let them be free of “White oppression.” But let us also be totally free from them.

Let them fend for themselves — let them farm and mine and generate electricity and build computers and whatever else they are able to do to make a living on this planet, just as other peoples do. And let them do all this apart — well apart — from us. If they succeed, and if they use whatever draconian police powers they need to get their underclass under control, more power to them. And if they fail, then let Nature take its course. They are not our wards and we are not responsible for them.

Because they are a lower, less-evolved form of life, yet are still able to corrupt our bloodline, they are a threat to our very existence. They are draining our resources. They are destroying our civilization. They are holding us down and diverting us from our sacred work of reaching upward toward the stars.

Just as our ancestors, the first true men, long ago separated themselves from the sub-men around them, so it is time for us to separate ourselves today. The future of Life in the universe depends upon it.

* * *

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