The Ten-Foot-High Wall

adl-hate8American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 18, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

LAST YEAR, the vice president of the illegal regime, Joe Biden, stated at the 100th anniversary meeting of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (or ADL) in Washington DC: “…I mean this sincerely: You have become America’s conscience. You have become the conscience of this country, no matter what the issue. You have been a pillar of the Jewish community, but you reach out and you have reached out your embrace for all communities.” Biden added that the ADL has been by his side, guiding him, through “nearly every legislative battle and at every phase” of his career. From the integration of Blacks into our society, from the opening of the borders to a fatal flood-tide of non-White immigration, from the demonization and criminalization of freedom of association through so-called “civil rights” and “affirmative action” laws, and to the promotion and normalization of homosexuality and other perversions, Biden said the ADL has been his guiding light. Biden continued to gush at the DC meeting, which was moderated by NPR talking head Cokie Roberts, saying that the ADL was “the most influential, the most listened to, the most respected organization in this town.”

“Influential”? Certainly, with its connections to the Jewish elite that run the mass media in America, the ADL can terminate the career of any politician with little more than a few telephone calls, and, in a few days or weeks, exposés of the politician’s sure-to-be-sordid past will be all over the front pages and the network newscasts. Submit to the influence of the ADL (and the allied organizations of the Jewish power structure, like AIPAC), and the dirt will remain hidden in their files, though ready at any moment for dispersal. One can only imagine how the rise of the surveillance state, with all its alphabet agencies, honeycombed with ADL informants, which collect all our emails, text messages, and telephone calls — and those of every politician too, natch — has facilitated this “influence.”

“Most listened to?” Absolutely. If you’re a politician, and you fail to listen to the instructions of your “guiding light,” who has been “at your side” for your entire political career — well, just try it and see what happens. There are plenty of smarmy, smiling, good-looking lawyers just waiting to take your place with the right application of campaign funds, media promotion of him and defamation of you, and Jewish ad agency “magic.” You’re replaceable, pal. Better listen up, and listen good.

“Respected”? Sure, in the same sense that the mafia is respected. You “respect” those who stand ready, willing, and able to destroy your life whenever they so choose. And this isn’t just a metaphor on my part: The ADL has real organized crime connections. In other articles and programs I’ve documented the fact that the ADL has fronted for, has direct links with, and has accepted large sums of money from such underworld figures as Moe Dalitz and Meyer Lansky, and close associates and family members of these crime bosses have served as ADL officials.

At the same time that Biden was abasing himself by pushing his snout into the filthy orifices of his overlords, ADL operatives were working on a very significant project which has recently come to light.

In September, the ADL spearheaded a meeting in California along with a  “British” group calling itself the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism. The Jewish Chronicle reports in an article entitled “Web giants unite to fight online hate” that a “game changing” agreement was reached between the ADL and Internet firms Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to “take steps” to stop “the proliferation of racist and abusive comments” and to “force racism and hatred from the Web.” Under this agreement, these companies promise “tougher sanctions against those who post abusive messages.” These firms already routinely censor, block, and ban users who criticize Israel or Jewish power — so one has to wonder just what these “game changing” “tougher sanctions” will entail. The social media giants promised the Jewish groups that they would devise “proactive strategies” to deal with the “problem” under the constant guidance of the ADL, referred to as “a leading anti-Semitism watchdog” and which has been designated the “co-convenor” of the project.

Most likely, the unstated goals of the group go far beyond just censoring comments — a logical next step is to get providers of Web space to delete blogs and sites which organized Jews don’t like, something the ADL and allied groups have been working on without much success for years. The truth is that the ADL and organized Jewry are desperate. Worldwide, there is a confluence of Left and Right, of White and non-White, of religious and non-religious, of First World and Third World, which recognizes and criticizes Jewish and Zionist power. The false picture of reality that the billionaires’ media could impose on the minds of men is fracturing with the rise of the ‘Net and alternative media. This censorship initiative is the result.

The Jewish groups’ failure to keep the truth hidden is also evident on YouTube, even though YouTube is owned by Jewish-run Google. If you can stand five minutes of slimy self-praise, look at this ADL-produced and -posted video, “100 Years of Fighting Hate”:

The whole basis of the millions upon millions of dollars that YouTube produces for its owners is allowing free video uploads and free commenting on those uploads. Take that away, and the millions stop flowing in. Another basis for YouTube’s success is its automatically-generated links to “recommended videos” related to the subject matter of the video you just watched.

No one has bothered to comment yet on the ADL’s “100 Years of Fighting Hate” video — and only 100 people (!) have watched it — but comments on race-related and Jewish-related videos on YouTube indicate a rising awareness of the dangers of Jewish power, with the Jew-wise commenters almost always a significant presence and sometimes even in the majority. This is true of comments sections all over the Web, not just on YouTube. Something is happening — a new consciousness of the dangers of Jewish power is emerging. Hence the new censorship initiative from the ADL. This rising consciousness is made quite obvious in the automatically-generated “related videos” that pop up in the window after the initial “Fighting Hate” video is over: My friends and I tried it in several browsers and several computers, logged in and not logged in. Every time, nine out of ten of the “related videos” were critical of Jews and Jewish power. The videos being uploaded on this subject are overwhelmingly from those on our side of the Jewish question.

The ADL (and related Jewish groups like the SPLC) may have hundreds of millions worth of wealthy donors behind them — they may have bought politicians and corrupt secret police at their disposal — but they are nevertheless losing the battle for control of our minds. Even if the ADL’s censorship drive succeeds, the extent of their success will be to erect a ten-foot-high, twenty-foot-wide wall to hide the roaring tsunami of Jew-awareness that is sweeping over the world. Remember that. The ADL and the controlled media try to make us feel alone and isolated. They try to give us the impression that racial consciousness and awareness of Jewish power are very rare. They want to make us think that almost everyone agrees with them, and that we are lonely, hysterical misfits. But the worldwide  reality is close to the opposite of that. Their machinery of illusion is failing now, and will fail even more obviously in the near future.

adl-dark-side(By the way, it’s also interesting that a Google Images search for “ADL” comes up not only with the logotypes of the Jewish group and its auxiliaries, but both of the ADL graphics I created for the National Alliance — which are included in the text version of this broadcast — also come up on the first page of results, a sure indication of their popularity and relevance. Along the same lines, a simple Google search for “anthrax attacks” or “anthrax mystery” brings up Robert Pate’s superb article “The Anthrax Mystery: Solved” — which characterizes the attacks as a Jewish operation — in the first page of results and has done so for many years.)

One Internet commenter, who goes by the name of Jay, states on “Mainstream media sites will already delete and block comment messages that are simply critical of Israel. They don’t have to be racist, homophobic, or threatening. Mine have been deleted MANY times. Some, like the Wall Street Journal, may not delete as much, but they will tinker with the number of thumbs-up. I’ve seen posts of mine get maybe 50-60 likes, then later the post will magically have only two likes. Amazing, isn’t it? I’ve been blocked and deleted from the LA Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, you name it. The ADL, by the way, was founded in honor of convicted child rapist and murderer Leo Frank, who was convicted in Atlanta in 1913… his death sentence was later commuted by a crooked Georgia governor who took Jewish money. Frank was taken from jail and lynched (the only Jew ever lynched in American history) in 1915. The official narrative has Frank portrayed as a victim of anti-Semitism of course. He got a fair trial, and 1913 Georgia would have much preferred to have nailed the initial black suspect of the crime, but the evidence was not there….”

The Leo Frank case is yet another example of the failure of the ADL and the Jewish power structure in general to control the narrative. The Frank case is very instructive — and very important to the ADL, since it was the Frank case that caused the ADL to be founded in 1913.

The soon-to-be-retired head of the ADL, Abraham Foxman, committed his own “hate crime” hoax in 2005 when he wrote the ADL’s official spin on the case, entitled “Lessons of the Leo Frank Case Still Relevant.” (Interestingly, the ADL has blocked from archiving that piece.) In that editorial, Foxman states: “The murder of Mary Phagan was the catalyst for one of the most virulent anti-Semitic episodes in American history.”

Foxman’s spin is that the arrest and conviction of Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan were part of a “virulent” “anti-Semitic episode,” even though there is not the slightest scintilla of evidence that the South was particularly anti-Jewish then or now. In fact, numerous Jewish sources document the fact that the American South is and has been one of the most pro-Jewish areas in the entire world. Foxman is a liar and he knows it.

Foxman went on to say: “His trial was a spectacle; threats, intimidation, and a boisterous crowd outside chanting ‘kill the Jew’ and ‘hang the Jew’ could easily be heard through the courtroom’s open windows.” These alleged “anti-Semitic” mobs intimidating the jury were never reported at the time, not even by pro-Leo-Frank newspapers. In fact, the jurors in the Frank case specifically stated they heard no mobs, no threats, and were not intimidated in any way. Frank’s own lawyers made no complaints or even mention of these supposed Jew-hating crowds during the trial — even a single instance of which would have been grounds for an immediate mistrial. The first intimation of these alleged mobs was many months after the trial when Frank’s legal team and Jewish advocacy groups were straining to find some pretext for yet another appeal. Foxman is a liar and he knows it.

Foxman then says: “Frank, a northern Jew, was arrested, indicted and tried for Phagan’s murder without evidence.”

Absurd. There is a mountain of evidence that shows Frank to be the murderer of Mary Phagan — enough for the coroner’s jury, enough for the grand jury, enough for several judges, enough for the trial jury, enough for the Georgia court of appeals, and enough for the Supreme Court of the United States. Foxman is a liar and he knows it.

As I said back in April:

Mr. Foxman’s “convicted …without evidence” claim is completely ridiculous, and the scholars, researchers, and publishers who have labored for years to bring the true evidence of this case to light are showing the world just how paper-thin the Jewish groups’ false version of events really is….

And this effort is succeeding: The major search engines now return many results from sites telling the righteous truth about the Frank case, from Metapedia’s articles to the huge Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library, to the encyclopedic series on the case by Bradford L. Huie in The American Mercury, and many, many others, including pieces we’ve published on National Vanguard. The really heartening thing is that these independent media are often standing as high or higher than the Jewish groups’ own sites in terms of search rank, and therefore relevance and readership.

The statue of Tom Watson which has been removed from the steps of the Georgia state capitol
The statue of Tom Watson which has been removed from the steps of the Georgia state capitol

Tom Watson was a popular Georgia writer and political leader who spoke the truth about the Leo Frank case, and especially about the multi-million-dollar Jewish campaign after his conviction to exonerate him and vilify the people of Georgia as “anti-Semites.” In November, the ADL succeeded in getting the statue of Watson taken off the steps of the state capitol building.

The ADL may crow about their success in lobbying the Georgia legislature to get Tom Watson’s statue removed. They can, for now, distort our history in their media and suppress our heritage with their bought and intimidated  lawmakers. But they are not crowing about the hard work of a tireless woman and editorial team who recently republished all of Watson’s magazine articles on the Frank case — and a more powerful piece of work on the subject I have never seen.

And such Jewish “success” is a two-edged sword. Many will now read Watson’s words, understand them, and and deeply resent what the ADL has done. And they will also begin to understand just what the ADL is.

Honest men and women, and truth-seeking researchers, are being affected by our truth-telling as we approach the 100th anniversary of Frank’s death.

Working together, a relatively small group of men and women, many of whom are personally known to me, have managed to outdo and outflank the ADL and other Jewish supremacist groups on the their own turf, their own search and news and other sites, and on an issue that is extremely important to the organized Jews both practically and symbolically. We are making a difference. And we can make history. Join with us today.

* * *

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