Jewish Aggression, part 1

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American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 9, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE ARE now two major atrocities being carried out by the Jews at present — I mean real war crimes, real people being killed, along with the usual intelligence agency disinformation and media lies to keep the populace supporting the killing and pointed at the wrong enemy. The Jewish power structure has this sort of thing down to a science now and they’re very good at it — but, once you see the pattern, you’re cured; you’ll see it every time. I’m talking about the Jewish coup in Ukraine and the resistance against it, which I talked about earlier this year — and got some bloody Hell for — and the current massacre of Palestinians in Gaza which I talked about last week. (ILLUSTRATION: An Israeli bomb targets the civilian population of Gaza.)

In Gaza, the Jews are carrying out an open campaign of murdering civilians regardless of age or sex, blowing up schools, bombing apartment buildings, and cutting off food and medical supplies, using the latest powerful high-tech weapons given to them by the regime in Washington. These weapons are capable of not only huge destructive potential, but they are also capable of hitting their targets with a high degree of precision — which proves that the Jewish state’s consistent, ongoing use of them to kill schoolchildren, women, and innocent civilians guilty of nothing more than being Gentiles in Palestine, is deliberate.

The death toll there in the last month is now approaching 2,000, almost all of them Palestinian civilians. Hamas, on the other hand, uses its tiny scrap metal rockets, smaller than some fireworks, primarily against the Israeli military.

In the US media, largely owned or controlled by Jews, the slaughter in Gaza is presented to the boobs as “Israel defending itself” against “Hamas terrorism.” The killing of innocents by Israel is downplayed as “collateral losses” or never mentioned at all. In publications intended for a primarily Jewish readership, though, it’s a different story. Last week, The Times of Israel published a piece by Yochanan Gordon about Gaza titled “When Genocide is Permissible.” He puts it in the form of a question  — “If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?” — but it is clear that, to Yochanan Gordon and a substantial ruling majority of Jews, the answer to that question is “yes.” The very title of his piece — which has now been yanked off line — screams that fact. Gordon and the Jewish leadership and many of the Jewish rank and file know exactly what they’re doing.

Make no mistake — genocide is in the offing. The Palestinians are an obstacle to Jewish goals in the Middle East. And they are nearly totally powerless, unarmed, and vulnerable. They have no state, no government of their own. They’re under Israeli control. They live in what amounts to an ever-shrinking open-air concentration camp. They’re like a beagle puppy with its throat bared, being ripped to shreds by a timber wolf.

Look at the map I’ll include in the text version of this broadcast — look at the ever-shrinking territory in which Palestinians are allowed to live for graphic proof of what I’m saying.


Some people write me and ask: “Why should we care about what Israel is doing to Gaza? Aren’t Gazans ruled by Hamas, and aren’t they mostly Muslims and Arabs and therefore part of the problem, invading White countries and sponsoring acts of terror? Shouldn’t we just give Israel a ‘high five’ and hope they kill them all? Why should we care?”

There are several important reasons we should care:

1. The world, including growing parts of Europe, but especially the non-White world, is very aware of Jewish power, Jewish intentions, and the fact that the Jews rule over the Western world with the help of their Washington regime bully boys. There’s going to be a reckoning one day for this, and it’s important that we be on the right side of that reckoning. America’s bought-off European “allies” are more and more reluctant to toe the Jewish line and Russia is out-and-out sabotaging it (though talking as though it were not). This vector leads to a near-term future situation of the US and Israel versus everybody else. White Americans need to lead the charge away from that toxic death-trap, and telling the truth about the genocide of Palestinians moves us in that direction.

2. Awareness of the real nature of the Jewish mentality, and its dramatic contrast with the European mentality — with our mentality — is necessary for any understanding of the Jewish Question and the real issues that we face as a people. The fact that Jews projected their own hyper-hateful mentality and blood-lust onto White people, especially Germans and White Americans, calling us bigots, racists, killers, et cetera in their propaganda, is very telling. Seeing what the Jews are actually doing, right now, before our eyes in Gaza — and seeing how they brazenly lie about what they are doing in their media — has the potential to awaken more people in a single month than all the revisionist writings about World War 2 have in a decade.

3. It is in our interest to one day have a modus vivendi with the non-European world that includes mutual respect, thorough separation and self-determination, and cooperation to ensure that the parasitic race never gains a foothold in any nation again. That modus vivendi will not be based on the phony “multiracial democracy” paradigm that currently fuels Jewish power. There is no point in alienating those who will be part of making that new vision a reality — and there is no point in supporting the Jewish power structure that is literally killing us.

4. It is in our people’s nature to be kind and gracious to others — including even members of other species, to say nothing of other races, who have been harmed. This is especially true when the harm has been a result, at least partially, of our own acts or failures — and our failure to reject the Jewish parasitic organism, and our abject subservience to it, are egregious flaws which have grievously harmed millions of people. As long as such gestures do not imperil our survival or progress, we should honor our inner nature. There is wisdom in it.

5. The invasion of White living space, both here and in Europe, by the overwhelmingly non-White and culturally incompatible Muslims must be stopped and then reversed. This migration is fueled in large degree by the wars for Israel which the West has been waging in the Middle East, the corrupt puppet governments the Washington regime has set up there, and the depradations of the Zionist entity itself. It is within our power to stop these destructive wars and to end all American funding of Israel, without which the Zionist project would probably be doomed. Absent bombs falling on their cities, and absent the perpetual threat of CIA/Mossad coups or military intervention, it will be much easier to relocate Muslims to their home countries. The sooner we ditch Israel, the better this will work.

6. Accepting the reality of the Muslim threat to European civilization, it is quite insane to keep the immigration gates open to them while at the same time supporting the mass killing of the Muslims who are minding their own business and staying in their homelands. Our policy should be the exact reverse of what it is — no wars for Israel, no support for Israel’s genocidal acts, and zero tolerance for Muslims (or any non-Whites) who invade our nations. The Jews themselves engineered the opening of our borders, and part of the reason for that was to make their enemies, the Muslims of the Middle East, into our enemies too. In this way they could more easily get Americans and Europeans to make war on Muslims and destabilize and weaken Israel’s Middle Eastern enemies — while at the same time advancing the Jewish agenda of fewer and fewer White people in this world.

In short, opposing Israel’s massacre in Gaza is consistent with our best interests — and supporting it only strengthens those who are killing us and makes new enemies for us by the millions.

How close are we to total isolation — to the “US and Israel versus everybody else on Earth” paradigm? Very close. I told you last week about the recent UN vote to investigate Israel for war crimes violations in Gaza — only the US and Israel voted “no.” In 2008, the vote for another such resolution went 179 to 2, with only the US and Israel opposed. In 2013, another similar vote went 165 to 6 — with a few US-dependent island nations in Micronesia being the only backers of the Washington/Tel-Aviv axis. This pattern has been repeated hundreds of times, and it’s evident in places besides the UN too. Although under heavy Jewish pressure, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have exposed and protested the abuses of the Jewish state. The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), a group of nations striving to be independent of any major power bloc, has condemned Israel’s genocidal campaign against Palestinians in no uncertain terms and called for a boycott of the Jewish state. And the Non-Aligned Movement consists of 120 member nations comprising some 55 per cent. of the Earth’s population. Take away Jewish control of the US and Israel will become totally isolated — and able to be defanged. By spreading the truth about Gaza — and about the Jewish-led genocidal campaign against White people — we hasten the day of the defanging, and make it more likely to be a thorough one. It’s a joyful task.

So, for example, in 2008, the vote for one such resolution went 179 to 2, the whole world (always including Iran) in favor, and only the US and Israel opposed.In 2013, one vote went 165 to 6, – See more at:
So, for example, in 2008, the vote for one such resolution went 179 to 2, the whole world (always including Iran) in favor, and only the US and Israel opposed.In 2013, one vote went 165 to 6, – See more at:
So, for example, in 2008, the vote for one such resolution went 179 to 2, the whole world (always including Iran) in favor, and only the US and Israel opposed.In 2013, one vote went 165 to 6, – See more at:

The reason Jews have been expelled from dozens of countries throughout history is not because of some mysterious and contagious mental disease called “anti-Semitism,” a kind of “hate” that needs to be routed out so that decent people can live peacefully. No. Jews have been expelled from over 100 countries according to the historical record. When two former friends snub you, it may be something about them that’s the reason. But when 100 former friends snub you, the reason is something about you. Jews have made themselves unwanted for centuries by their own behavior — by corrupting leaders and officials, by their fraudulent “loans” to governments and citizens which draw off the wealth of the people into Jewish hands, by their perversion of the legal system, by their nepotism and favoritism.

In the last century, the Jewish power structure has metastasized and multiplied all of these crimes a hundredfold through their newly-gained control of the media of information, education, and entertainment. They have proceeded to use their unprecedented new power in the most arrogant and hateful ways imaginable — to literally wipe out anyone who opposes them. After 1945, they evidently decided that White people were to be exterminated wherever they lived on Earth, and have worked assiduously toward that goal, until today it is hardly concealed anymore. Around the same time, they realized the Zionist dream of a Jewish state, and began the process of driving out and extirpating the Palestinians whose land they had stolen.

Due to these egregious Jewish acts of hate and genocide, and also due to the free flow of information sparked by the rise of the Internet and alternative media outside of Jewish control, there is now a growing global awareness of Jewish power and its toxic effects on all societies. As this awareness grows, there will soon be no new hunting grounds for the parasitic power structure to infect when the world — not just one nation anymore — says “Enough!”

In my next program in this series on Jewish aggression, I’ll detail how the conflict in Ukraine is really a battle between the US/Jewish power structure and Russia. Be with me then.

* * *

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