American Dissident Voices: What is Right and What is Wrong

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American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 4, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

EACH OF US has only a few years to live. At our conception, we awaken from a sleep that has lasted for millions of centuries. We walk this Earth for a few paltry years. We are nurtured by parents and family. We receive love. If we prove strong enough, we give love. If we do right, we find a mate, overcome whatever obstacles there may be, and leave descendants to carry on when we are gone. And we are gone soon enough — a handful of decades if we are lucky, and that is all. Then we sleep again, for billions of years, perhaps for infinity — except for that part of us that lives on in our descendants and in our kin.

And in that brief moment of waking life, bounded on both sides by what Raymond Chandler called “the big sleep,” we are faced with choices, many choices. What should we do with this, our moment on Earth? What should we avoid doing? What behavior, as social beings, should we reward? What behavior should we punish? These are questions of morality, of what is right and what is wrong.

What is morality?

Over the ages, men have answered these questions in many different ways. Before the dawn of language and organized society, we had our instincts. We wanted to live; we wanted our family and our offspring and our kin to live; we wanted our tribe, our people, to live. We knew these things were right; we didn’t have to analyze them or think about them — or justify them. We knew they were right, deep within our race-soul.

When our poets and theologians and priests told us of the gods, and when our warriors and philosophers and lawmakers began to organize our societies, imperfect as they were and imperfect as they have always been, the structures and the narratives they built were based upon the instincts and urges within our own race-soul — and they were compatible with our continued existence and upward progress.

We had enemies, of course, who wanted to take our lives and our means of living away from us — but we knew, also instinctively, how to deal with them: Since we are here now, we know our ancestors made sure that there was little more left of our foes than bloodstains in the snow.

We didn’t have to face then the sly enemy we face today — the enemy who assaults us armed, not with a broadsword and shield, but with brilliantly-conceived propaganda, with clever questions and fictions designed to make us doubt our values, doubt the traditions our ancestors built, and doubt our very right to exist.

Even when a large part of our race abandoned its traditional religions and philosophies and embraced an imported faith from the Middle East, the new belief system was profoundly changed by its collision with the European race-soul, and — in some senses, though not all — it became ours. It became Europeanized. For centuries, our people thrived and progressed and fought off incursions of other races under the banner of Christianity. But along with the benefit of a kind of spiritual European unity — “Christendom” — came the danger of being tied to the Middle East, and therefore to Jews and to Jewry’s wars with their other Semitic spiritual offspring, Islam.

The ostensible morality of the enemy

Today, the Jewish power structure, with its control of money-creation, its virtual ownership of Western governments, and its dominance of the mass media of news and entertainment, has, through a crude system of punishment and rewards, caused us to accept a false value system, an inverted morality. They have emasculated the Church, encouraged its worst tendencies and stifled its best, and, with tiny exceptions, made of it a gigantic engine of racial mixing and of importation of non-Europeans into our living space. Partly because of this intimidation and partly due to deep confusion on the part of its leaders, the Church today demands that believers never think of themselves as Europeans, or identify as Whites, but instead embrace a “universal” identity of all who “believe” — including, of course, members of every race, who must be welcomed into the marriage bed as much as into the pews.

And all modern Westerners, inside and outside the Church, are schooled from their earliest years and in every mass medium in the new race-denying and White-race-destroying “morality.”

The true morality of the enemy

From the promotion of racial mixing to a warped “feminism” that pits White men and women against each other and turns them away from their natural roles; from a debt-money banking system that enslaves students and young people before they can even get a start in life — and effectively delays or prevents them from becoming parents — to the enabling of massive Third World immigration into White countries and only into White countries; to the promotion of every kind of perverted, unnatural sex imaginable; the enemy and his collaborators are operating under a twisted moral code that is seldom spoken out loud, but which amounts to this: Whatever prevents White children from coming into the world is good; whatever causes more White children to come into the world is evil.

And the Jewish power structure and its collaborators know better than anyone that throwing off their morality of death is essential if we are to survive. And our survival is apparently something they’re not willing to tolerate. So they have worked ceaselessly to criminalize those who would work to oppose their sick, inverted values.

But oppose them we must, or we are done for. We must build a new spirituality, a new morality, a new societal structure that will secure the existence of our people and put us on the upward evolutionary path once again.  Despite any blockades they put in our path — despite any personal sacrifices it might entail — it is our duty to bring that new spirituality, that new morality, that new nation into existence.

Breaking free

So what is the best way to do that? What strategy has a chance of imparting a better, healthier morality to a fraction of our people — a fraction large enough and of high enough quality to survive in the face of an extremely determined and powerful Opponent? Should we promote a return to paganism, the Classical religion and the philosophies it engendered, or the Nordic religion of our ancestors? Should we fight for a return to the conservative Christianity of 120 years ago, when the Church seemed a bulwark against subversion and racial dissolution — and, if so, what sect’s beliefs should prevail? Or should we embrace nihilistic atheism, individualism, and hedonism, and argue to our people that getting rich, partying, fornicating, and indulging themselves in every possible way would be more pleasant without Blacks and Mexicans all over the place?

The last mentioned strategy might get lots of recruits, but it doesn’t stand a chance of success. The philosophy of atomistic individualism works against group survival. Those who adopt it are, whether they know it or not, working for the extinction of their group. And, right now, the money and status perks are all controlled by our enemies, and no individualist or hedonist in his right mind is going to sacrifice to support a nascent White nation.

The old-line traditional Christian approach is being tried by some noble, racially conscious Whites. It has the advantage of having a moral basis that is familiar and comfortable to many. It has a great and inspiring history, too. For centuries the identities “White” and “Christian” were almost synonymous. But it has the disadvantage that many of the highest quality men and women of our race find its mythology unbelievable. It is true that some sects have attempted to de-Judaize and racialize the religion, but have met with little success. Almost all Christian sects regard the Jewish scriptures of the Old Testament just as much the word of God as the more recent, and also heavily Jewish, covenant of the New. Thus the religion ties us to the Middle East and to the idea that our primary Opponent is especially holy, with a few sects all but worshipping him. And much in Christian scripture is openly anti-racial and universalist. A nationalist clergy, like that in some of the nominally Orthodox eastern European nations, may ignore those scriptures or interpret them away for now — but what about a century from now? It would probably be beyond the powers of even a Patriarch or Pope to excise them from holy writ. And Christianity, as dominant and all-powerful as it once was, has one other major fault: Like the U.S. constitution, it was utterly unable to prevent our present plight.

A return to European paganism or neo-paganism is appealing in many respects, even though, as with Christianity, many of our best minds cannot literally believe in its gods and myths. One can still, however, be a rationalist — as were many pre-Christian philosophers — and nevertheless honor Demeter or Zeus or Odin or Freya as aspects of our own souls and evocations of the archetypes permeating our racial memories. As these faiths are tribal faiths, racial faiths really, it can plausibly be inferred from them that we ought to survive. And there are innumerable gems of wisdom and healthy morality to be found in their stories, precepts, and lessons. But the body of European pagan works is somewhat amorphous, is not systematic or unified, and is ill-suited to serve as a guide to action today. It is good that racialism is in its background, supremely good compared to the others. But in our times, as we face racial annihilation, we need a faith which places racialism in the foreground.

No second chances

If we are to replace the morality of death offered us by the System with a better morality, we must choose carefully. No White nation remains uninvaded. Whites are already a minority in American maternity wards. Muhammad is the most popular baby name in London. Our time is limited. Our resources are few. Prior generations of White leaders betrayed us, and the levers of power and money in the West are no longer in our hands. We must choose a strategy carefully, as we most likely will not have a second chance.

We must awaken a new generation of our people. We must inspire the superior minds among them. We cannot do that by reviving the distant past of our race, no matter how much we can and do honor it. We cannot do that by ignoring the exponential increase in human knowledge that has been brought about in the last century — knowledge of the genetic structure that makes us what we are, and knowledge of the structure of reality itself.

None of the strategies I have enumerated so far seems likely to revolutionize the moral thinking of the superior fraction of our population — the fraction that can actually get things done and change this filthy excuse for a society into something great and noble again.

But there is another choice.

It’s a strategy that brings a new idea into play. An idea that can inspire our best men to great deeds of courage. An idea that can give meaning and spirit to all our lives. An idea that has been gradually coming into being for 2,500 years but one which we have only been able to see clearly for a little over a century. It is an idea in harmony with the American founders’ vision of an all-White nation — and the in the racial visions of pre-World War 2 America — and in the European revolutions which came before their time in the early 20th century. It is the idea which was immanent in the discoveries of Charles Darwin and in his revolutionary books on the evolution of what he called favored races in the struggle for survival. It is the idea which became explicit in the words of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and Shaw’s Don Juan. It is the idea that was first made manifest as morality by William Pierce in his Cosmotheism.

Cosmotheism accepts the reality of the divine, of God, but it also accepts the undeniable evidence of science. It has no truck with supposedly ancient and “inerrant” holy books — but instead asserts that physics, mathematics, and genetics are the real words of God. Cosmotheism tells us that living things, including ourselves, are part of an ever-evolving whole. Cosmotheism teaches that this whole — that the universe itself — is becoming conscious, and that our race is in the vanguard of that evolution. Cosmotheism also shows us that racial divergence and separation are integral, essential parts of this evolutionary process and that life as we know it could not exist without them.

Cosmotheism is an idea that can build a whole new world for us, a world in which our survival is a given, a world filled with infinite possibilities for our advancement.

We who are awake to our race’s great peril and even greater potential have a responsibility to our children and our children’s children and to all the generations to come. As the philosopher William Gayley Simpson told us, it is our duty “to hang stars over a people, and to lift up their eyes thereunto; to set high lands before them, and to lay out a path by which they may climb thither.”

Cosmotheism is our best hope. It is an idea which can lift up our people’s vision from the filth to the stars, and show them the higher ground to which we can ascend.

That is the mission of Cosmotheism. That is the mission of the National Alliance. That is the mission of this radio program.

In future programs, I’ll be telling you more about the Cosmotheist idea. Please join me next week on American Dissident Voices.

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