Promote Diversity

Shell diversity

PROMOTE DIVERSITY: A college student wrote, saying that his teacher (with whom he did not agree!) was saying that interracial marriage “promoted diversity.” How sad. Especially sad since racial mixture doesn’t promote diversity — it destroys it.

It destroys biodiversity just like forcing or encouraging the varieties or subspecies of, say, eagles to live in the same territory and crossbreed would destroy biodiversity.

Just like forcing or encouraging the subspecies of the lovely shell-builders of the genus Murex to interbreed would destroy biodiversity — and destroy much unique beauty as well.

Evolution is the process which gave us all this diversity and beauty.

And evolution is a branching process, with subspecies varying — at first almost undetectably, then quite visibly — and eventually evolving apart enough to form new species.

It’s insane, pointless, and destructive to try and force the branches back together when they have begun to evolve apart, as the major human races certainly have.