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White America: Worth Fighting For

Postcard depicting 95+ per cent. White Hazleton, Pennsylvania, a living embodiment of the Old America — and the embattled European civilization of which America is a part.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 24, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

HAZLETON, Pennsylvania is dying.

A faintly Black journalist for NPR, Michele Norris, just wrote a piece for the April issue of National Geographic magazine about it, and Tucker Carlson and other journalists have taken note. It’s an amazingly balanced essay (balanced, that is, for the Jewish-run Geographic) — it actually documents White replacement — but I didn’t need Norris or editor Susan Goldberg to tell me what was happening. Last summer, I spent a week in the area, and I have friends and acquaintances from eastern and central Pennsylvania who tell me that what’s happening in Hazleton is happening with equal or even greater destructiveness in York, in Reading, and in many once-White, once-safe, and once-all-American cities and towns. To a greater or lesser extent, it’s happening all across America — and all across the White world.

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