To Those I Love

Kevin Alfred Strom, October 2008by Kevin Alfred Strom

(composed while forcibly separated from my family and loved ones and imprisoned by the U.S. government on false charges)

THEY PUT ME in a prison
They tried to take my soul
They sullied my good name
My destruction was their goal

They tore me from my family
They tortured my three kids
They lied about their daddy
The mercenary feds.

They obey their foreign masters
For dollars they are whores
Destroying families, nations;
Don’t believe them any more!

Every people needs its freedom
I tried to point the way
So they used perjured ‘evidence’
And locked my voice away.

But I have not surrendered
I raise the banner high
Western Man shall rise again
Fools and traitors always die.

Their lies shall not attach to me
For those I love are true;
And I’d gladly do it all again
To be once more with you.

Soon we’ll be sharing Nature’s joys
That we’ve been denied so long
In all the years that yet remain
We will be great — and good — and strong.

You know I love my people
So creative, fair, and kind —
You know I love my children
More than my soul, above my mind.

And you know I love the special one
Who will be true to me
There’s a secret place inside her soul
That only I will see.

And whether we shall meet
In time to come, or time forgot
Our embrace remains eternal
Our love it changes not.