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"What will a White-minority America bring us? Free thought? Deism? Forget it. We'll have Santeria and Voodoo. Think Idi Amin with 50,000 depleted uranium warheads. Think Rio-style slums. Think of the few remaining Whites, whose stupid beliefs brought about their own looming extinction, cowering behind Mexico-style fences, hiding from the mobs they have brought into being. Think the London rioters times one million. And a police state commensurate with that." - Kevin Alfred Strom

Cyndi Steele Vows to Fight On

by Kevin Alfred Strom

AN EMOTIONALLY DEVASTATED Cyndi Steele vowed to fight on with an appeal to a higher court after her husband, free speech attorney Edgar J. Steele, was convicted earlier today of plotting to kill her. Mrs. Steele spoke of her pride in and love for her husband, stating that she and her […]

"There is no more chance of the current Congress passing a balanced budget than there would be if they were replaced by a Congress of baboons — and maybe they should be." - Kevin Alfred Strom

Judge Excludes Experts; Jury Convicts Steele

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN A TRAGIC MISCARRIAGE of justice, a federal jury — which was denied the right to hear two experts’ testimony that the alleged FBI recordings of Edgar J. Steele were faked, with over 300 suspicious edits inserted — has convicted the courageous free speech attorney and writer on all four counts […]