The ADL: Born in Blood, part 2

Jewish mobster and ADL financial angel Meyer Lansky, left, with his attorney E. David Rosen, also a Jew

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 27, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, or ADL, is a hate-based criminal enterprise masquerading as a “human rights” group. Its purpose is to destroy by any means necessary those who expose the parasitic, criminal, or genocidal behavior of Israel or other organized Jewish interests.

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The ADL: Born in Blood, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 20, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

I’VE SAID IT before and I’ll say it again: Our enemies — the organized Jews who are attempting genocide of our race — are not supermen. Their best minds are no better than our best minds. Most of their genius is for deception and speculation and destruction. When it comes to creation, they are distinctly inferior. And they are sick, perverted, out of control, and morally disgusting at rates that leave even the worst meth-addicted White derelicts far behind.

But they are race-conscious — and they are organized. And that is their great strength. When Jews are dealing with someone, how that someone is treated by them very much depends on whether that person is a fellow Jew or not. (Exactly the sort of race-consciousness that they stridently deny us on a fake “moral” basis.) And Jews are organized, organized, organized — no other racial or ethnic group anywhere has as many commissions, leagues, centers, conferences, committees, unions, alliances, lobbies, memorials, legions — you name it and they’ve got it, plus a thousand more you can’t even think of. They’ve even got a “Conference of Presidents” of “Major Jewish Organizations” — a whole organization consisting of just the presidents of the largest Jewish groups; I kid you not.
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Minnesota Dreamin’

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 13, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE is dedicated to the proposition that European man shall not perish from the Earth.

I use the word “man” in the generic sense, of course, to mean both sexes. Actually, and this is sometimes a source of disagreement between me and the egalitarian-minded, of the two sexes the female is the more valuable, the more precious.

Her body is the vessel through which the entire future of our race passes. The miraculous process of conception and childbirth takes nine months and, with the birth of her child and its total dependence in the early months of its life, the woman is out of commission for many other tasks for close to a year per child. Even the strongest and the youngest who embark on motherhood can only do this a few times in their lives; even in healthier and more pro-natal times it was seldom more than half a dozen in a lifetime, usually three or fewer. And not every woman can have children. Not every woman is suited to motherhood. And not every conception and pregnancy results in a healthy child.

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I Can’t — But We Can

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 6, 2018


by Kevin Alfred Strom

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. (Henry Ford)

WE National Vanguard writers and editors and most of all readers need to become a team. We are, most of us, too individualistic. We play too much of a lone hand. And that seems to be a characteristic of White people generally. Just look at a map of the world: With a few exceptions, White countries are relatively tiny. Sweep your eyes across the massive nations of the Earth, and when you come to Europe, suddenly everything is fractured into tiny pieces, many of them smaller than US states. A strong strain of individuality seems to be built into our genome, and there are good things about that — as Charles Murray points out in his important book Human Accomplishment, it is mainly among European-descended people that the individual thinker has the daring to shout out loud “I am right, and all of you are wrong — and you have always been wrong, and will remain wrong forever unless you take account of my new discovery!” We need people like that. But we also need people to take the discoveries of our highest minds and apply them to reality as a team. For, in any conflict, the lone individual will always lose to the team. Always.

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